Frequently Asked Questions

We have a plan for everyone, from fresh graduates to intermediate and senior roles. Get the best deals on job application support now.

Improdds is a career growth platform that helps job seekers get the most out of the application process. With our smart tools and end-to-end support from resumes to interviews, candidates can land the jobs they desire.

Our best-in-class templates are a great starting point, you can add your professional background and skills or copy your content from your current cv and paste. You can also upload your resume in .docx or .doc formats for use if you prefer.

We do not relate directly with employers so the job board is populated through other secondary sources. Direct apply is not supported on the job board but you can however save a job to track your application. More information on this here.

This refers to an application that has been tailored to suit the requirements in a job description, proving that the candidate is a great fit for the company.. These types of applications perform very well in the ATS systems used by most employers.

The subscription plan is price per month but you get 20% off when you pay for 12 months at once. We also offer a Pay-as-you-Go plan where each request for our smart resume tool costs ₦700.